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Based out of Climax, Michigan, Climax Clothing Company dba Climax Jeans designs specialty apparel that is distinct, unique and expressive. Our mission is to provide high-end fashion clothing that is unmistakably a reflection of your identity, personality and individuality.

We're all unique, that's why one size doesn't fit all, nor should it. Therefore, our products are not manufactured via an assembly line for mass production but designed exclusively for you. It's personal. What we believe is simple: the climax of self-expression is rooted in the way that we feel about ourselves.

We're here to help you feel, experience and enjoy your self-expression without inhibition. Your authenticity and the freedom that this brings to you is important to us. Simply put, if you don't feel good, you don't look good. We want you to have both.

The Boldness, The Rebel... You

Climax Jeans was founded in 2008 by a dedicated group of individuals who had the desire to bring to the marketplace products that are inspirational, aspirational, authoritative and provide an amazing sense of discovery.

Climax Jeans creates exclusive, handcrafted fashion apparel. We focus on quality and attention to detail at every level of design. Every item is produced, from start to finish, by an exclusive group of the best designers in the world.

At Climax, we value many things: Nothing more important than our clients and our quality. Without either one, there is no Climax! We are committed to knowing you, exceeding your expectations and delivering the best quality exclusive designer apparel available. Our commitment is to build our relationship by continually innovating and offering new, creative products and services, season after season, year after year. Without satisfied clients, there is no Climax.

Built on a foundation of self-expression, independence and individuality, Climax is reinventing fashion and redefining luxury by offering unrivaled product quality, personal service and worldwide delivery.

Our products echo your desire to be bold, to be a rebel, to be an inspiration for self-expression. You are the pacesetter. This is what separates you apart from the crowd. For those of you who are artistic, bold and courageous, we will provide you with a statement and look of confidence to celebrate your individual influence that will help everyone turn their potential into reality... Welcome to Climax.

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