The Apex of Designer Jeans. Made in Climax, Michigan.

Founded in 2008, Climax Clothing Company dba Climax Jeans creates exclusive, handcrafted fashion apparel. Utilizing knit fabrics in modal and bamboo blends, we focus on quality and attention to detail. Every piece is produced, from start to finish, by a limited number of craftsmen in an anti-assembly line approach, ensuring that every item is a reflection of the skills, philosophy and dedication possessed by the artisans involved. Simply put, there are no products on the market that will exceed the standard of quality and unity of vision that we have established at Climax Jeans.

At Climax Clothing Company, we value two things: our apparel and our customers. Without either one, the entire system crumbles. As such, we are committed to knowing you, exceeding your expectations and delivering the best quality designer apparel available. We aim to grow our relationship by continually innovating and offering new, creative products and services, season after season, year after year. Our goal is to provide a professional, fun environment that understands that, without satisfied customers, there can be no Climax.

Built on a foundation of self-expression, independence and individuality, Climax Jeans is reinventing fashion and redefining luxury by offering unrivaled product quality, personal service and worldwide delivery. Our products are an echo of our customers’ desire for bold, inspirational clothing that sets them apart from the crowd. To those who are seeking artistic, inspirational clothing that lifts them above the average, beyond the mundane, we are here to say: welcome to Climax.

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